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Re-decorating your home can be a ton of fun and it can give each room a completely new look, which may be exactly what you are going for. In most instances, however, people will tell you to try to paint a room before wallpapering it, because you can always wallpaper over paint, but you can’t paint over wallpaper. Well, you didn’t listen, you went ahead and you wallpapered a room. Now you hate it and you want to redo things again, but this time you want to take the wallpaper down. Houston Wallpaper Removal can be a headache!  There is, however, good news for you! Revitalize is here to help. We can get the wallpaper you are so repulsed by now down with ease and get your walls ready for that fresh coat of paint you wish you’d used in the first place. Give us a call today and let us come out to Remove Wallpaper in Houston.

How to remove Wallpaper: Maybe you SHOULD leave it to the pros

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You may find that removing the wallpaper is a bit harder than you initially thought it would be. In some instances, wallpaper can be scraped from the walls with ease, but when that doesn’t work, it’s time for the professionals at Revitalize to handle the job. We have wallpaper removal chemicals that will loosen the adhesive and get it off in no time. We will be able to do the job without doing damage to your walls and we will get all of the residue from the wallpaper off, so your walls will be clean and ready to be painted.

Take it easy: Let our vertical surface experts handle the tough wallpaper

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You will see that Revitalize offers free, no obligation consultations, so if you are worried, give us a call and let us come take a look at the wallpaper in question. We will remove a small piece at the consultation to see what kind of job we are looking at (which will be reattached before we leave, unless you’re sure you want to hire us to remove it!), and we will get you scheduled to get the job done. We also offer painting services, if you’re interested in having us paint your walls after the nasty paper has been removed.

If you really want that ugly wallpaper down and you know you can’t do the job yourself because its stuck fast, do not hesitate to give Revitalize Painters a call today and let us do the job for you. After all, we are the professionals and we have all the tools and tricks to get it done right!

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