Sheetrock and Drywall Repair in Houston, Texas

Sheetrock and Drywall Repair in Houston, Tx

Are you someone who is interested in having your Sheetrock repaired?

If you are, Revitalize has you covered! We are a professional company and we are able to provide professional sheetrock repairs, as we have been doing so for many of our loyal and satisfied customer base. Getting a drywall fix is as easy as making a phone call to our office! We’ll repair water damaged sheetrock, cracked drywall repair, and texture repair in Houston, Texas.

Fixing Sheetrock: Water Damage Drywall Repair

There’s no denying that a well-constructed or installed drywall always has this opulence that seems to ooze from it. Anyone passionate about the interior appearance of their home, will also confer that installing a finely finished drywall is one of the major highlights of home beautification. We all appreciate taped and masterfully furnished interiors, walls, and ceilings. One of the ways of achieving such an elegant aura is having a qualified craftsman repair the damaged drywall or sheetrock. Fortunately, our building’s specialist are not only well equipped in making sure your interior is gracefully taped but also very experienced in doing so.

Water Damage Drywall Repair Houston, Tx

Our quality commitment to Houston, Texas

Although Sheetrock and drywall have been a welcome alternative to basic plastering, our professionals are keen to ensure that after the repairs, the newly taped walls are as durable as plastered ones. Our drywall and sheetrock repairs are generally carried out in two stages;

1.) Preparation phase.

In this stage, our gypsum specialist do an extensive assessment of the damage the drywall in the building has sustained. Proper measurements are also taken to ensure that only the required replacement sheetrock is purchased. At times, a badly weathered building may require complete sheetrock replacement.
After that, sanding of the walls commences. Sanding aims at removing the exterior layer of the drywall to even out the surface. Also during sanding, weak seams and patches in the gypsum are exposed allowing proper action to be taken to correct such deformities.

In case a drywall has developed crevices or holes, we make sure that the replacement patches installed are made of high strength fiberglass mesh to improve durability and add on sturdiness.

2.) Finishing phase.

Finishing is as equally important to sheetrock repair as filling the holes and crevices is. The final touches are integral to reverting the damaged drywall back to its pristine form.

Finishing also takes into consideration the esthetics tastes of the owner. After all the preliminary work has been done, one may choose to have the renovated sheetrock painted to conceal the patches and repaired seams.

Our professional drywall repair services also include;

a.) Drywall texturing:

It is where the imagination of our drywall professionals come to life. Texturing can be accomplished in a variety of ways including; hand texturing or spray texturization. Depending on our clients’ needs, the tiny grains, used during texturing can be swirled or splattered in a unique pattern or shape to bring out a given artistic shape. Mostly texturing is done in the finishing stages of the repairs.

b.)Popcorn ceiling removal and replacement:

We all love the crunchy air that a popcorn-like ceiling or sheetrock gives an interior space. Well, sometimes this popcorns tend to peel away or turn brownish with time. This calls for renovation of the sheetrock that the ceiling is taped with.Such renovation entails the removal of these weared our popcorns and replacing them with a smoother sanded out finishing.

While it is possible to DIY such minor improvements, hiring a professional contractor, minimizes the chances of accidental injury, asbestos poisoning, or acoustics mistakes. Also, if the contractor employs excellent craftsmanship in the project, you end up saving money that would have been used to repair the drywall in future.

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