Houston Caulking Services: Windows & Doors

Window caulking is an essential maintenance practice that saves business investments numerous dollars. Poorly caulked premises lead to great energy losses as conditioned air easily escapes through the resulting gaps. With the world moving green, all efforts to prevent energy loss should be put in place. Water and moisture leaks resulting from damaged caulks also cause great damage to the building. Window sealing, however, needs expertise due to the specialized activities involved. Revitalize Facility Maintenance is an established company offering caulking services to property owners in Houston, Texas and its surrounding areas.


Caulking Projects: High-Rise Buildings & Mid-Rise Building Specialists

Like any other project, the success of caulking projects relies on the planning stage. Numerous considerations have to be made before the actual work commences. Without the guidance of professional caulking service providers the project may be a total failure. The building is inspected to determine how much caulking work needs to be done. Any damage on the windows is also identified to establish pre-caulking operations required. Depending on the location and size of the building, materials for use are selected. These include the right caulks, cleaning accessories, caulking guns and climbing ladders if needed. The actual work period is scheduled with the area weather conditions in mind.


Caulking: Choosing the right material for the right substrates

Decisions have to be made on the type of caulk to be used on different surfaces. In most cases the windows are exposed to extreme weather conditions that may easily damage the caulk. On the other hand, restroom windows are constantly exposed to moisture. Window surfaces with more than one material type also require special sealants. Only by working in varied projects can the best experience of caulk selection be gained. Technicians from Revitalize Facility Maintenance determine the right caulk for use upon the initial inspection. Carelessly chosen caulks can introduce unanticipated damage to your property. When improperly fitted, window caulks crack introducing water and air entry points. This results to furniture decay and warping, mold growth and upholstery discoloring. At Revitalize, we stick to the best practices in caulking to prevent these unwanted occurrences. Right from the material selection to caulk fitting, our services guarantee effectiveness and durability of the seal. We use a selection of window caulks that combine permanent waterproofing and shrink free properties.


Window Caulking in Houston, Texas

Window surface cleanliness is essential in order to realize the best caulk results. Whether fitting fresh caulks or replacing damaged ones, proper cleaning tools should be used. Where debris has accumulated on the windows, it is necessary to use a putty knife to scrap. Special commercial cleaners are used to create a thoroughly clean surface. The dirt should also be removed and the area left to dry before applying caulk. Although seemingly simple, inadequate knowledge of the use of these tools produces substandard results. It is recommended to utilize professional window caulking services for your property window caulk maintenance.

Caulking windows is a substantial project that requires good timing. Extensive caulking projects have to be offered enough time to dry before the windows can be moved. Weather adversely affects the drying period, so caulking ought to be done when the weather conditions are favorable. Additionally, exterior and interior caulks have different drying periods. With technicians acquainted to Houston weather fluctuations, Revitalize provides the best caulking to building owners. While most property owners settle after the initial window caulk application, regular caulk inspection is recommended. Badly fitted caulks introduce leakages resulting to huge energy losses. On average, 15% of the conditioned air escapes through these gaps reducing the conditioning efficiency. Revitalize utilizes high quality caulks to create a long lasting seal adaptable to all weather conditions. Caulks fixed by the company reduce the inspection requirements to only twice a year.


Doorway and Window Caulking Finish Application

Caulk finish application is an important procedure yet often overlooked. For the best air tight and water proofing results, Revitalize Facility Maintenance augments the window caulk with backer rod insulation or spray foam. Special repellants used also prevent insects from investing the soffit areas. With the right selection of materials and skilled workmanship, the resulting finished work is an impressive long lasting seal.

Client Satisfaction is what makes us an authority in Houston, Tx

Client satisfaction is a core value at Revitalize. Every project is treated uniquely in order to address its specific requirements effectively. Besides, all projects are customized to harmoniously match with the surroundings. Effective communication is maintained by keeping you informed on the progress of every activity. Save your properties tenants from unanticipated losses by letting Revitalize caulk your building windows today.


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