Deck Floor And Fence Staining

Are you someone who is interested in having your deck floor or your fence stained?

If you are, Revitalize has you covered! We are a professional company and we are able to stain any deck or fence easily, as we provide services that will help to give your deck or fence a complete makeover just in time for the summer season. Getting your deck or fence stained can preserve the life of your investment, as years of constant weathering can make your deck or fence lose its curb appeal. Moisture can cause your deck or fence to warp, crack or rot and you may find a build up of algae, mold or even mildew making it look less than aesthetically pleasing.


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Here at Revitalize, we are happy to offer our potential customers a free, no obligation quote at your convenience. Give us a call and we will come out to inspect your deck or fence to see what kind of work needs to be done. We will discuss your budget as well as the time frame in which we will have the job completed. We are able to schedule you the day of consultation to have the job done as well, if you should choose to hire us.
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We follow a procedure when we stain deck floor and fences. If we see an area that needs to be replaced, we will do that first. From there, we properly prepare your deck or fence by scraping and striping the old paint that became chipped or frayed. We will then power wash the deck or fence to remove dirt and debris. Once the wood has completely dried, we will then begin to stain or paint your deck or fence. We do this by applying a coat or two of primer and then apply the stain and sealant. We use sprayers, brushes or rollers depending on the job and apply several thin coats. We back brush as well to ensure there are no marks from overlapping and then finish the job with a final coat of sealant.

You will see that Revitalize can take on any job, whether it is big or small and can refinish your deck floor or fence with ease. We are trained professionals who have done this job time and again. Give us a call today to request your free, no obligation consultation and quote and we hope to take on your project in the near future!

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