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Commercial Painting Service

We offer high quality Commercial Painting Services in Houston, Texas

Residential Painting Services Houston, Tx

Residential Painting Service

Homeowners: Choose from an array of Residential Painting Services in Houston, Tx

Caulking & Sheetrock Repair Houston, Tx

Caulking, Sheetrock Repair

Let us take care of the little things that make your house a home. Choose from the following:

Why hire Revitalize Houston Painters??

You’re in the market for a painting company, and you may not be certain on how to choose the right one.

You’re looking for:

Painters in Houston with integrity to get the job done right

Past experience so that you know the contractor knows what they’re doing

And somone who ultimately gives you the opportunity to make your life easier..

If this is what you’re searching for, you’ve come to the right place.

Our past clients call us the market leader in interior and Exterior painting in Houston. But while we want to claim that title for ourselves, we think there are more important things to consider in the order of business.

We Simplify the Process

It’s more basic than you think. Returning clients’ phone calls, appearing (in-person) to assess the project and provide an estimate, starting and finishing the job on time, and providing great quality work upon completion of the task, these are what most homeowners and property managers complain about when they hire contractors. And this is what we want to change. We’d like to simplify things for you by keeping communication lines open and doing what you expect us to do in the first place–complete the task within the time frame.

We Set The Bar High for Performance

We are pleased to offer comprehensive facility assessments, free of charge in the Greater Houston Area. Based on our assessments, our experts put together customized packages suited to fit your needs, whether they be One-Time projects or On-Going Maintenance. Our team of highly trained Painter in Houston deliver the best results the first time around through systematic procedures built around both safety and efficiency. Through our dedication to quality work, we specialize in the following services:



If you are looking for:

  • The Lowest Price
  • No Communication
  • No warranty or
  • an OVERALL Crappy Experience

Then PLEASE… Close this page right now.

We are NOT the company for you.

Building Painting Specialists

Revitalize Houston Painters is a fully insured and licensed company, holding a $2 Million dollar general liability insurance policy for your protection. We have many years of experience handling seemingly difficult projects with ease, especially for when we tackle high rise building painting and painting mid rise buildings.

Your facility symbolizes the pride you take in your business, and its appearance provides the first impression of your establishment. Revitalize provides turnkey solutions to your Painting needs, and works to alleviate any disruptions to your everyday business activities.

Our Legendary World-Class Service

Good contractors mix the right technique with some tricks of the trade to ensure efficient and impressive paint jobs. Great contractors, on the other hand, go beyond the “how” and stop to understand we think are the more important questions: “who” and “why”.

Who needs the paint job and why do they need it? It takes a meticulous contractor to know that paint is not only your home’s first line of defense against weather damage and other elements that may cause early wall deterioration. A great paint job reflects the character of the homeowner and adds a touch of personality while beautifying the home’s exterior and interior walls. Thorough planning is at the core of what we do and it is what makes our service not only memorable, but legendary.


House Painting Services

Make your home the best on the block! Residential Painting Contractors promise the world, and sometimes fall short. It is our commitment to you, to stay accountable for our actions and our communication, and provide the best service you’ve ever received. Period.

Not sure what colors you want to paint your house? Does your home need a makeover? Don’t worry – Revitalize Pro Painters can help with whatever residential painting needs you have.

Professional Houston Painters: What seperates Revitalize from the rest

Revitalize, A Professional Houston Painting company, understands that keeping Houston homes and businesses attractive is a top priority. We offer a wide variety of professional painter services throughout Houston that allows you to maintain your home or business looking it’s best, all year round.

Part of our commitment to excellence revolves around a few core values. At Revitalize, we believe that accountability in our actions and in our communication is what separates us from our competition, besides our great customer service and systematic approach to every project and situation.

Our Team Forefront

We take pride in our team of skilled, licensed, and background-checked painters in Houston. Every painter undergoes complete training and ongoing workshops to enhance their skills and learn about new painting techniques in the industry.

The Revitalize Painting Experience

What sets us apart from other painting companies is our value for the work that we love and the people we work hard for. We won’t entice you with the lowest price offerings only to disappoint you in the end. Our dedicated project managers are committed to giving our clients the results they expect and the experience that they deserve.

Industries We Service:

Office Buildings/Complexes Apartment Complexes

Senior Living Complexes

Strip Malls / Shopping Centers

Gas Stations


HOA Communities

Parking Lot / Parking Garage Facilities


Industrial Facilities

Government Facilities

Educational Facilities

And a place you call HOME.

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“I am glad that I found someone to call that I can trust to get the job, execute the job above the standard, and save me as much money as they can. This speaks worlds in this day in age in regards to ETHICAL business transactions.”
Thomas B.
“They showed up on time, worked hard, and performed nothing short of a MIRACLE on the exterior walls of our manufacturing building. The wallslook outstanding! I wholeheartedly recommend the services of Revitalize.”
Layne T.
“I would absolutely recommend them for anyone who needs facility maintenance in Houston and I will call them back SOON to get some more work done because of their outstanding customer service.”
Dan P.